Flat belly at 50

Flat Belly at 50

Twenty minutes a day of resistance training helps prevent abdominal fat accumulation and stay healthy.

It is the eternal dilemma of those who would like to eliminate the ‘swollen thing’ from the waistline and also of all those who, having returned from the holidays splendor, are already thinking about how to get back into shape: better a run on a treadmill or a weight-training session to burn more calories? The ideal, the experts suggest, would be to alternate aerobic activity with resistance training but it seems that doing weights daily has a greater impact against the accumulation of abdominal fat, especially in those who are no longer young.

“Engaging in resistance training or ideally combining it with aerobic activity could help the elderly to reduce abdominal fat and at the same time preserve muscle mass,” explains Rania Mekary of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States, which coordinated a study to verify and compare the effectiveness of different types of training in preventing obesity. To do this, the research team monitored the health and physical activity of over 10,000 men for over 12 years, recording the results obtained with the increase in daily training over the years.


The results of the research published in the journal Obesity have shown that twenty minutes a day of weights are the most effective impact method to keep the extra pounds away from the waist, especially among the elderly. The centimeters of the waist circumference are a significant parameter for evaluating visceral fat, which is evident in the tummy and correlated to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders. With advancing age its predictive value assumes greater importance, the researcher points out, since aging is associated with sarcopenia, the loss of skeletal muscle tissue, relying only on body weight is insufficient to assess health in old age. Measuring your waistline is a better indicator of a healthy body among the elderly.

5 thoughts on “Flat belly at 50

  1. Christian M. says:

    I recommend pilates, a discipline that is not very traumatic but that gives great balance and well-being and works a lot on the muscles of the body, abdominals in the first place.

  2. Oliver F. says:

    In fact, pilates helps the belly muscles to stay contracted and inevitably the abdomen will become more firm and flat and the accumulations of fat will tend to disappear with the passage of time.

  3. Floctioncers says:

    decreased consumption of wheat flour: a slice of white bread increases blood sugar more than a bar of sugar. The increase in sugar pushes the body to release insulin, and consequently to accumulate fat.

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