It’s important to focus a lot of the time on what you CAN do or CAN have as opposed to what you can’t. Life throws us many curve balls – its just how it goes – so focus on the positive

When people talk about dietary restrictions and how bad that concept is just have a think how many foods in your diet you actually eat? Be realistic here. I bet its 20, 30 maybe 40 foods at the most. Yet if someone is told not to eat one or two things (for a good reason) the mindset is one of defeat or sadness. So the way to combat that is look at replacements or substitutes.

Add more foods – as an example if someone is told to maybe remove candy – rather than just focus on the CANT , think of 10 fruits you can have instead, maybe 5 of those are brand new ones you have never tried before.

This feeds through into exercise – be that actual movements, cardio, amount of time or even intensity. We have programmed ourself to fail the moment we think CANT. Instead think I CAN. Once you accept the Can attitude its amazing what changes can be made. Very often people have tried diets or new fitness regimes and they haven’t worked. So the lack of faith creeps in (that CANT thing again!). Hence why it’s good to focus on what you can.

You may be too out of shape to sprint but I bet you can walk right …CAN. You most likely can walk quite fast or up an incline (CAN!) You may find an exercise in the weights room too heavy. But I bet if you reduce the weight you CAN do it – it’s almost impossible to not be able to bar some specific injury or medical condition.

 Poor nutritional habits are like a knotted rope that needs unraveled.

You need to find both ends. Find out where you are then slowly work to undo each knot at a time. Each proceeding knot trying not to create another in undoing it.

Apply this to time, people kill time doing nothing and then complain they don’t have time to do ‘something’ turn off the TV, stop playing games on your phone, do productive things Your 20-30 minute journey to work could be time to study, listen to a podcast, write, plan, focus, relax – it just needs that CAN attitude.

We go through life killing time, be productive, spend time with your friends and family, be successful, accomplish something, have fun, take time to think and reflect on things. Focus on the positives and the ‘cans’ in life, not the negatives !

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4 thoughts on “CAN!

  1. Lillian Chacon says:

    If you want your free time to be really useful, do not allow those activities that are not part of it to sneak in. You will need to rest and recharge your energy and creativity. If you let the usual mundane activities sneak into your spare time with the excuse that they are “useful”, you will not get anything from your free time, in fact you will completely devalue the concept.

  2. Lee P. Curtin says:

    Quoting your phrase: people kill time doing nothing and then complain they don’t have time to do ‘something’

    The first thing to realize is that it is up to you to “do something” to use your free time in a better way; it will not come from something else or someone else, but only from your choice to make it productive.

  3. Lan Chung says:

    Take care of your health. Free time is an excellent opportunity to keep fit. It does not matter if you go to the gym or take a walk: how you decide to stay fit depends on you. The important thing is that you like it.

  4. Wiktoria Duda says:

    Self-confidence is parallel to positive attitude. You can easily boost your confidence if you have a positive outlook in life.

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