Essential herbs and oils

All natural Essential herbs and oils

Essential herbs and oils to be used as supplements or to replace conventional medicine

Before we go into the details of how essential oils and herbs can help or replace conventional medicine it is very important to understand what essential oils actually are. Simply explained, essential oils are basically a highly concentrated substance that comes from different plants. These oils represent the very essence, in terms of properties, of the plant from which they are extracted. Another characteristic of these oils is that they carry a strong aroma of the plant from which they are originally taken. There are two main ways in which essential oils are created. They can either be made by cold pressing the plant and extracting the oil or they can be created by distillation using water or steam.

The main concept of using essential oils for medicinal purposes is that these oils are extracted from plants that have some particular properties. These useful traits can be antifungal property, for example, a plant that does not allow mold or any other type of parasitic fungus to develop on its stem and leaves. This property can be used to treat different diseases in the human body as well. The useful properties of these plants are concentrated in the form of essential oils and then used for medicinal purposes. The essential oils can be taken via inhalation, ingestion or absorption. This depends on the individual, the type of essential oil and the illness that you are using it for. One thing that should be kept in mind is that as compared to the dried herbs of the same plant, its essential oil can be 70 times more potent. This is not something that should be taken lightly when it comes to medicinal potential.

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One of the realities of the modern world is that despite all the advancement and success that western medicine has achieved over the past several years the overall health of people around the globe is declining rapidly. There are so many new and fatal diseases in the world which suggest that we have gone wrong somewhere. Not only are the diseases more dangerous they are also spreading at an unimaginable rate. The ailments like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, stroke etc. that were once unheard of have now become common. Although we have a better than ever understanding of diseases as well as the human body still with the western approach towards medicine we are unable to solve this global crisis.

This has given rise to some serious questions and concerns regarding the conventional use of medicine. More people now than ever are starting to become frustrated with these conventional methods. All the conventional methods use a similar methodology in which chugging down drugs for even small illnesses is considered good. Dissatisfied with the results and performance of modern medicine people are now shifting back to more traditional ways such as essential oils and herbs. One of the best things about these essential oils is that they can be used either to supplement the conventional medicine or completely replace it and that too without any type of side effects.

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  1. Rowend says:

    Recently, a lot of campaign for CBD oils have been present on the television, I was definitely against it at first as I believed Chemo was way better at targeting the cells and doing the job, until I had the experience to witness its uses in a little baby plagued by seizure. After which I started a deeper research and realizing most of these oil are way better than the introduction of gamma-rays in these tiny under-developed body.

  2. Hareand says:

    Many of the aliments can be controlled and in most causes treated with traditional medicines, which happens to involve essential oils. I have been controlling my diabetic properties with it recently along with a balanced organic diet and adequate exercise.

  3. Juanita says:

    Depression is treated by so many conventional drugs which has so many bad side effects, recently I began experimenting with essential oils, ingestion and absorption and it makes me feel way better than the conventional pills without all the side effects they allocated to my body.

  4. Lie1eiy4 says:

    I love essential oil especial those made by Doterra as they come in the most pure form and with the infuser it becomes so easy to use as an air deodorizer especially when you have pets around and a spouse who need a C-Pap machine.

  5. jizzrotica says:

    I heard that essential oils can be really good for aroma therapy as it has little to no chemicals involved based on its extraction process from the company which makes it.

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